Thursday, September 11, 2008


my legs hurt. they feel awesome, but they hurt. and they're asking me why in god's name i decided it was a good idea to do 4 hard workouts in 4 days. it was a complete accident, i swear. i didn't mean to run a 7 mile cutdown run on monday that ended up averaging out to 7:08 mile pace, SERIOUSLY! or a 6 mile tempo run at 7:19 pace yesterday. those were supposed to be my "easy" i had better start running with the team again because otherwise i'm going to kamikaze my legs into oblivion. i can't run slow when i'm by myself. i can't! the only time my average pace ends up being over 8 minutes is when i'm running like 10 miles, and that's only because i crash the last 2 miles. anyway, my legs are not happy. my feet are completely ripped up and my quads/butt are just vetoing life right now. but i feel good. i feel in shape! its kind of a miracle. i think running and i have reconciled our relationship since track season, and that's a good thing. all i have to say is, i had better run a PR, or at least a PR for the course at parkside next weekend, or i'm going to be an unhappy and confused camper. there's no reason i should be able to run this well day after day and then not be able to do it in a i'm banking on the fact that what i'm doing right now actually represents the shape i'm in. only time will tell.

running is pleasing me a lot right now. it takes a lot of effort to get out there sometimes, but once i am i feel great. i feel strong, i feel competitive, and i just feel so completely calm and unstressed while i'm running. i love being able to feel like i'm awesome. it was great fun running up bascom this morning and getting some ridiculous looks from passers-by. i feel like when i'm running i'm better than average. i know i'm not that great when compared to other college runners, and i'm not even the best in my own club, but the fact that i know i'm better at this one thing than a big percent of the population just gives me that extra push to run hard. i think i need to go read once a runner now, haha.

i have no desire to read or learn about bacteria right now. i would much prefer to do what i did last night, which was watch both ghostbusters movies with andrew and then pass out at 11:30. i'm so awesome. i also think that if i have to learn about research methods one more time, my head is just going to explode. i think my HDFS class is the...5th? 6th? class where i've learned about correlational studies and random group assignment and blah de blah. and its even more awesome because research is in no way involved in my future plans...alas.

eh, back to bacteria i suppose.

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