Sunday, December 07, 2008

12, feels like 0, snowing...

Ahh, winter in Wisconsin. I've been a piece of crap about running since Thursday, but today I decided that I NEEDED to - I was going to go early this morning, but my bed was just too comfy, so I went out at about 4 planning on going to the Shell and running in circles until I wanted to die. I got about half a mile before I saw one other dude out running and I was like...screw it, I'm hardcore, I'm running outside. So I actually ended up running out to the beltline and back on the bike path, 7.5 miles in all. It was snowing almost the whole time but the footing actually wasn't too bad...although I think my legs hurt more afterwards because I was sliding around. And yeah, it was COLD. Its funny because I was wearing a sweatshirt, which I usually hate running in because its so bulky, but it actually was ok today. And I have to say, its pretty cool running in the snow at sunset. I may whine about running in the cold, but to be honest I'd definitely pick it over running in the heat of summer! So in the end, I'm glad I didn't go to the Shell...running in circles for easy/long runs is overrated.

The rest of this weekend was pretty awesome. Yesterday the BF and I went to the Capital Brewery tour, which was a lot of fun...and of course, beer samples!! We got these cute little 3 oz mugs and sampled Island Wheat, Rustic Ale, Wisconsin Amber, Special Pilsner, Winter Skal, and Autumnal Fire (aka, one of my favorite beers). We ended up coming home with a 6-pack of that and a mix-match 6 pack with 2 Winter Skal, 2 American Pale Ale, and 2 Special Pilsner...delish!

I forgot to mention that Thursday after our usual easy/tempo run, we did what I am going to call the circuit of death. Seriously, I haven't done anything like this since high school cross country, and I had a serious case of jello legs after. We did this circuit twice:
20 x lunges (10 each leg)
20 x calf raises
20 x squat jumps
20 x 1 leg squats
20 x step ups
20 x hamstring raises
20 x burpees (uggh.)
20 x squats
20 x star jumps
Can you say pain? I was limping around pretty extremely on Friday and even into yesterday...obviously I need to work on my strength a bit. But hey, if we do this even twice a week into the season, it won't hurt as much, right?

I also played St Nick to my roommates this weekend - nothing says festive like a stocking filled with chocolate, candy canes, and a Christmas shot glass...hooked onto a bottle of Rolling Rock. Red & green...get it?

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