Saturday, October 24, 2009

A picture is worth 1000 words...

I swear, I actually have a huge smile on my face in this picture. I'm pretty sure you just can't tell because it was so ridiculously cold that my mouth was frozen...also, I enjoy the fact that you can SEE THE BLOOD dripping down my leg. One thing I didn't mention in my race report was the fact that apparently my calves were rubbing together during the race [and my legs were also apparently numb, because I felt nothing] and I ended up chafing so much I was bleeding for who knows how long. I had no idea until I finished the race and looked down and was Why am I bleeding? Battle wounds - kinda badass.

That singlet is so freaking short. Damn you, women's cut. But this is my favorite of the "close up" finish line pictures
I think this one pretty much says it all. Throwing up the W! I also love how you can that a) it's raining and b) it's freezing by the miserable, bundled up spectators in the background. I also like that you can kind of see the clock. :)

Thanks Capstone Photo! I will definitely be ordering these pictures. :)

Today it was 68 AND, so weird. Last time I checked it was the end of October? I'm still waiting on fall. I was thinking about it though, and honestly, if the weather had been like this for the race, I don't think it would have gone as well at all. I think for me, crappy weather is more of an advantage than anything else, I seem to deal well with it. Not that I'm opposed at all to 55 and sunny and dry with no wind and puffy clouds, but I would take what we had on Sunday any day over something that in any way resembles warm or humid.

I went for my longest run since the marathon because I just got so ansty I couldn't stand it anymore. It felt great to get out for a run of more than 20 minutes, but my left knee is still a little jacked up - I think it's something with the IT band stuff that I was feeling before the race, that just got escalated by running for 3.5+ hours in the freezing rain. Aside from that though, my legs are feeling pretty much normal. Muscularly, I think things are good. I did two reaaaaally easy 3 mile runs yesterday and the day before and I wasn't feeling so great during those, but I think everything is finally starting to calm down.

And finally, a shoutout to my beloved WTC XC ladies for WINNING NIRCA REGIONALS!!! For as long as I can remember the women's team has been kind of overshadowed by the guys, so it's SO awesome to hear that they finally brought home a plaque! [The guys team won the meet as well but I mean...that's no surprise :)]


Running 365 said...

I just went for my first post-marathon run yesterday and though I haven't been sore for days, my knee was definitely feeling "jacked-up" too. It's so weird not having a long run planned for today!

lindsay said...

take it easy with the recovery! i know you're psyched to run - the biggest downside to racing, perhaps? makes you too motivated to jump back in :) rest up and start back with fresh legs and no aches!

great pics!! at least you have a nice flat stomach to rock the "women's" tank. i guess they assume a buddha belly like mine is impossible to have ;)