Monday, November 02, 2009

It's not all bad..

Today wasn't that great of a day, but there was one thing that got me pretty excited about life....

114th Boston Marathon
Dear Audrey:

Your entry for the 114th Boston Marathon has been received, and your credit card has been authorized for payment in the amount of US $130.00. You may notice a pre-authorization draft on your credit card statement. This authorization will be removed in approximately three business days. The actual charge will not appear on your credit card until your entry has been verified and accepted. Entry verification and acceptance can take four to five weeks depending on how quickly we receive the official results from your qualifying marathon. Please make note of your Submission ID #: 20016338.

You will be notified of your acceptance by email and first class mail. Your notification of acceptance will be sent as soon as we verify your official results from your qualifying marathon. When you are accepted, your name will be posted in the Boston Marathon section of the B.A.A. website,, under "Entrants."

Please contact the B.A.A. registration office at 508-435-6905 (or send an email to with any questions regarding your entry.

We look forward to your participation on race day!

Boston Athletic Association

I may still be on the DL for anything over 3 miles at the moment [and...frustrated as hell, but lets not go there right now] but I AM going to be running I guess I've got that going for me. :) As I told my grandma earlier..."If someone had told me I would run 2 marathons before I turned 23, I would laugh in their face." Who's laughing now? I can't wait to get my verification postcard. :)

Well, my knee is still not laughing. 3 days off with ice and ibuprofin and Sticking like crazy and stretching [ok, so maybe my Halloween spent as Cuddy from House in 4 inch stilettos wasn't so great for my legs...but whatever] and today I made it 23 measly minutes before things went down the crapper and I had to call it quits. Now, 23 minutes is better than 0 minutes...but ahhh it is such a TEASE!! Like, oh yay for running, remember how much you love running, boy oh boy this feels amazing....buuuuut now you have to stop. Wah wah. As I said before, if I could just make my way to a damn pool or something I would be infinitely better off...I am just sooo not content to sit and watch all my fitness disappear when I was just in the best shape of my life. Argh!

It is better to take time off now than keep going and injure myself worse. I have 2 months before I really need to start training. I should probably repeat those two sentences over and over again to myself until they're ingrained in my brain. If I really want to take a shot at a PR at Boston, I'm going to have to train even harder than I did this time around, and in order to do that I NEED to be healthy and not have any silly injuries lingering around. So...I rest! Bah. Anybody know any cardio that doesn't involve your knees or a pool?

Well, in non-running related news [since all my running related news mainly involves bitching about my stupid knee], Halloween was quite fun. The BF and I went in costume as House and Cuddy to the Badger game viewing which was great - Badgers won 37-0, we played some drinking games with a few friends, good times overall. Later on there was a "fishbowl" that I created in a pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket...if I ever make one of those again, it mayyyybe should be shared by more than 2 people...hmm. ;) Overall, it wasn't exactly Madison Halloween [and I highly doubt any in my life will compare again] but alas, I'm not in college for a "real-world" Halloween, it was pretty fun.

Off to bed, I'm sure with visions of running dancing in my head...


Lacey Nicole said...

congrats!!!! :) i should do this... i didn't know how it worked as far as verification and everything. sounds like they just take care of that.

sorry you are still having issues-- time will probably take care of that.

what is a fishbowl? = scorpion bowl?? lol those things can be amazingly deadly, but love them. hong kong near fanueil hall has some great ones...

HurdlingHam said...

if a scorpion bowl is a big, deadly bowl full of some kind of sugary drink + alcohol...then yes :)

the verification thing went SUPER fast...i actually got my official confirmation today!

lindsay said...

enjoy the downtime... soon enough you'll be all caught up in another training program. these next few weeks will go by quickly! rest up, indulge in some other hobbies and organize your plan of attack for boston. :)