Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Short Recap: Not Even Close

Pretty much had to throw any hopes of a PR and/or 3:30 out the window just wasn't my day today.   Hot damn, it could have been a lot better. But based on the questionable legs starting at mile 5, MAJOR hamstring cramps starting at mile 8, stomach cramps followed by a necessary [but sad] porta potty stop at 18, with continuation of the worst leg cramps I've experienced in my LIFE, I'm impressed I made it in this time.  Full race report to come [if I can actually remember enough outside my abyss of pain to actually write one].  For now all I have to say is this: I DID manage to beat a girl who used to run on the REAL track team for my alma mater [which in my mind is pretty cool], and since I'm a huge masochist, I'm already thinking about Baystate [since I didn't re-qualify, and all I want in life is to suffer massively on the Boston course again and again and again]

Today may not have been my day, but I know what I did in training...and I know what kind of marathon time I've got inside of me.  It's a testament to how much I love this race that less than 2 hours after the most painful, awful, WORST, race of my life, I'm thinking about doing another....


Running 365 said...

I love that you're still loving it! You just ran the Boston freaking Marathon!!!! All the pain and fuss can't outshine that.

3:46 is nothing to sneeze at! (It's only FULL HOUR faster than my marathon time.) Just from watching your training updates, I know you've got a 3:30 in there, too.

And congrats on beating that track girl! Sounds like a victory to me. : )

aron said...

that is an incredible time for ALL those things that went wrong. hold your head high... we all know you have a faster one in you, sometimes its just not our day. CONGRATS on the finish and running boston!

XinranBai said...

Hey girl, I have been following your blog since last year. You are one of my idols and have given me a lot of inspirations! In fact I checked your time this morning and was worried about what happened...I can totally understand your feeling! Touched again by your words "all I want in life is to suffer massively on the Boston course again and again and again". Be proud of yourself as I am! Looking forward to hear your laughing again, soon-:)

Anonymous said...

bummer that things didn't go as planned. props to you for finishing with all that went wrong. you are a trooper :)

congrats girl! celebrate because you finished and a 3:46.48 is still a good time in the grand scheme of things :)

lindsay said...

keep that head high girl! you still ran and finished boston. while it may seem like "everyone does it" you have to keep in mind it is tough to get there.

we're gonna have bad days here and there. (i know i did!) but just know you are strong and fast - you will pr over and over in future races.