Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, May is over - not a terribly exciting month in my running life, but that's kind of to be expected coming down from Boston near the end of April.  Considering I've been pretty lax about number of runs per week/distance/whatever, the numbers are pretty decent for a base building month.

Total Miles: 146.5
Races: 2 [5K & 12K]
Workouts: 0! haha
Longest run distance: 10.6 miles
Weekly Mileage Range: 30.7-36.4

Kiiinda lazy indeed. But I really enjoyed hopping in a couple of random races and seeing what happened - the 5K is definitely a good distance for that.  I'm actually thinking about another one at the end of June - the Heartbreak Hill 5K - mainly because it's at BC, which is, you know, RIGHT by my apartment!  Though running up Heartbreak at 5K pace doesn't exactly sound pleasant, but whatever, we shall see.  I think my lazy time is about to come to an end though, as I'm working up a new marathon training plan that will most likely officially start in July, and I'm hoping to get my base up to a little higher place before then, and maybe start incorporating some light tempo work and hills back into my life.  As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I've also decided for realsies that I'm going to join Greater Boston Track Club!  I think it will be inspiring AND a great training stimulus to be at workouts with such fast ladies, and it sounds like there's a group that is like the "C" group that has goals more similar to mine - so that's fantastic too!  And the singlets are really awesome and I want one....there, I said it. :)

I'm getting back in the swing of the Sunday long run and yesterday I went for a lovely 10 miler down Beacon Street, around the Public Garden and Boston Common and back. It was just....pleasant is really the only word I can think of to describe it.  I sadly may have destroyed my ipod for good on a glorious run in a torrential downpour on Saturday [I was running to work, it was drizzling when I started...aaaand then 15 minutes later it was like a monsoon...I tried to wrap the ipod in a random piece I tore off a garbage bag by Jamaica Pond but alas...I think it's donezillas] and I wasn't really looking forward to doing this "long" run without it, but it turned out to be SO nice. I am working on hitting an EASY pace especially on long runs, and that was the goal on this one - if I came in under 8:00 pace I was going to be grumpy with myself.  So my goal was to run by feel, and if I was breathing hard or my legs were twinging at all, I was probably going too fast.  The result - 8:13 pace!  Pretty much ideal for LSD.  I was really pleased with that, and since I ran in the cooler temperatures after 7 pm, I was only sliiiightly dehydrated by the end.  Speaking of hot weather I had a bunch of friends from my track club in Wisconsin that raced at the Madison half marathon yesterday - it was CRAZY hot and humid and they actually ended up cancelling the full marathon at about the 4 hour mark because the conditions were getting dangerous.  So major props to them for some awesome times & races despite pretty awful conditions...I know for a fact I would crash and burn in a situation like that.

Hmm, well I might not be around this blog as much in June [not that I'm really ever around SUPER often but you know what I mean] because starting tomorrow I will be involved in what I'm pretty sure is going to be Gross Anatomy Hell Month...aka, the beginning of PT school. What should be a semester class in 1 month....exams EVERY Monday....4 1/2 hours of class every day...oh yes, this will be a blast and a half.  I shouldn't be whining because I am excited about starting PT school, truly, but talk about diving right into the deep end.  So if I start suddenly speaking only in muscle'll know why. :)


Anonymous said...

i was looking at possibly doing the heartbreak 5k too. i'm debating it because i don't know if a 5k is enough justification to head into the city haha

definitely a good month post-boston. i was tallying up my numbers and at first i was like "really? only x miles?" and then i was like "damn, boston happened last month and training was 4 months so it's okay" haha

J said...

Good luck with PT school! It will totally be worth it in the end! Great job on the runs! I liked to aim for that same pace for longer runs! It just feels like a good pace!

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