Friday, August 13, 2010


So I was tagged by Lacey to post 10 random things about first tag, hooray :)  Actually she was probably thinking "maybe if I tag her, she will actually POST!" And apologies again for my incredibly sporadic posting...PT school has me in its grip and won't let go! I am as it turns out still training for a marathon and though I had one week of pretty much complete failure 2 weeks ago (24 miles total? 10 mile long run? Er....let's not talk about that) but admittedly I had an excuse, since I had an exam at the beginning of the week, then my mom and sister were visiting for the weekend and so I spent a lot of time walking...not so much running.  But no worries, I brought it back this past week with a solid 56.5 miles, including a 19.2 mile LR. Woot woot!  The "relaxedness" I'm letting myself have in this training cycle hasn't exactly been inspiring me to hit the track for any killer workouts, but for some reason I'm still getting long runs in. I will be completely honest - I have NOT been at the top of my mental game running-wise.  For some reason, the past couple weeks especially, it's like I've had to absolutely drag myself out the door to go running, and when I do get out there I have no desire to run fast(er) than my "easy" (which is still about a minute per mile faster than it should case you were worried lol). I think that's been part of my lack of desire to write anything on here too, since running itself has been so "meh" there's really been nothing worth sitting down and writing about. I'm trying to focus on the times when running has been great to me lately (like my most recent long run, which, despite being hungover and run on almost no sleep, was KICKASS in a way that only extremely hilly, tiring, and yet fantastical long runs can be) and just forcing myself to get out there...this, like all slumps, will end soon enough. :)

But anyway...the point of this post is to enlighten everyone to 10 random things about goes! I tried to make none of them running related, because I think you all know enough about my running life. :)

1. I met the BF completely randomly when he called me off the street to do a kegstand at a Badger football party and I accepted.  Instead of going home to (drunkenly) make a notecard for my physics exam, I decided to stick around and befriend him...we went on an actual date a week later and it's been over 2.5 years since. :)

2. I started dancing when I was 3 and danced competitively all throughout middle and high school, then was involved with a dance student org in college.  I miss it a lot and I choreograph dances in my head whenever I hear a song that inspires me - in college, I choreographed part of a piece while on a run.

3. I want the song Don't Stop Believin' played by a string quartet as I walk down the aisle at my wedding. (And I know such a thing can be done because one of my friends in college played in a string quartet that did exactly that)

4. I cannot stand the sound of ripping cardboard or touching my nails to porcelain (like trying to pick up a bar of soap in the tub)...just thinking about either of those things make me cringe.

5. When I was 4, I broke my wrist jumping off an upside down laundry basket.

6. I'm sort of out of the college phase of partying hard, but I am kind of a beer snob. I love craft beers, my most recent favorite variety has been imperial stouts, which everyone seems surprised by coming from a girl.

7. I absolutely LOVE dogs - worked with them for a little over 2 years, and met sooo many amazing puppies - and I can't wait until I'm in a life situation where I can have one of my own and be a good dog owner. My childhood dog was a mystery mutt (our best guess was black lab/schnauzer) named Corky and he was the best. dog. ever.
The Corkster...he deserved a pic :)

8.  I have really terrible luck when it comes to electronics, and in the past 4 years have managed to lose/have stolen/break 4 cameras, 3 phones, 1 laptop, and 2 ipods. A lot of them weren't my fault (most recently, someone dropping my camera in the ocean) but some of them most definitely were (running in the rain with my ipod...)

9. I'm named Audrey after my grandma who is pretty much the coolest lady ever.  She is 88 and still works because she loves her job, has traveled all over the world, is an amazing cook, dresses with style and class, and is the most positive person I've ever met - I really hope to be as awesome as her when I am old!

10.  My favorite flavor of ice cream is gold medal ribbon, which is a flavor from Baskin Robbins that is chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a vanilla swirl. Sounds pretty basic but you cannot even imagine how good it is. YUM!

Alright...well writing this list has been a good source of procrastination from the run that I need to to today...and then it's off to a well-deserved night out after two exams and a practical at the end of this week.  Hopefully I'll have an exciting long run this weekend with more to tell you about after that.  Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

great facts! so cool how you met the bf. i love hearing those random encounters that turn into more...

lindsay said...

lol about lacey's logic. loved the random facts :) your g-ma sounds amazing! and the string quartet thing - i will be disappointed if you don't follow through with this at your wedding :)

J said...

So glad you participated! I tagged Lacey and I really enjoy reading everyone responses.