Monday, May 02, 2011

Week of 4/25-5/1 + April Recap

Total miles: 50.1
Total runs: 7
Total strength/XT workouts: 2
Total workouts: 1.5
Longest run: 13.3 miles

I realized at the end of this week that this was my first 50 mile week since mid-March. I know April was a shitty month thanks to my hip issues, but damn did I fall off the boat hard.  It's actually funny because hitting 50 this week just kind of....happened...I think the plan was more like 44...but hey, when things are working, why not?

I went to yoga at Karma Yoga once, which left me sore for 4 days. I had a really crappy/aborted GBTC workout, but then totally made up for it with the world's most amazing tempo/fartlek on Saturday.  I FINALLY got in a semi-legit long run of 13.3 miles and felt fantastic. I only made 2/3 of my strength training mission, but 2 is definitely better than none - going to make that 3 x happen this week. :)  All in all, a pretty solid week of running, with VERY nice weather and some very enjoyable runs.

April Recap
Total miles: 139.6
Days off: 9
Workouts: 3
Longest run: 15.5 miles

April sucked balls. By far my lowest mileage month of the year so far, and given the fact that I spent a week and a half not running and another week running super tentatively, that's no surprise (in fact, I'm astounded that the numbers were this high).  I don't think I really went too far backwards in terms of fitness, but I sure as hell didn't go forward.  However, with the discovery of what's actually wrong with my hip and strategies to make it better, combined with the fact that school is winding down for the semester, I think May is going to be a hell of a lot better.

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J said...

Not a bad month, all things considered. Hope that hip is back to normal now. I think yoga is the only thing keeping me out of injury. Its really great for the hips!