Monday, September 19, 2011

Training: Week of 9/12/11

I think I'm going to try to start doing this weekly training business, even though I have a log in 2 other places...more for accountability than anything else.  And to have something to write on the blog...because...ya know.

Monday: 6.4 easy, Charles River from BU.  Felt really slow and awful, it was pretty hot still which didn't help.  Lifted at FitRec which left me sore for 4 days. Time to get back on the strength training bandwagon.

Tuesday: 6.6 easy. Dean Road. Ridiculously sore so didn't bring a watch, otherwise I would have been obsessing about how slow I was running.

Wednesday: off. Because I have 7 hours of class and I'm lame.

Thursday: 6.25 easy, home from a doctor's appointment at BMC.  The doc pretty much thought I was a nutjob for running home and I was like...whatever dude. Also it was really hot at the beginning of the run, and then it randomly started pouring rain when I was about a mile from home...pretty much awesome. Also took a 90 min ballet class which was awesome.

Friday: Didn't run, but kayaked for an hour and a half on the Charles!
Yes, I live here. I know you are jealous.

Saturday: 6.5 easy, Dean Road.  I actually ran in the morning for the first time in forever, and was listening to my Badger gameday playlist and just loving my life. I was all cheerful and waving to all of the runners I passed...highly enjoyable.

Sunday: 10.2 long, Jamaicaway + the second half of Dean Road.  This. was. AMAZING!  I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the best run I've been on in months.  I feel like all summer I've had something going on where I never was able to really get into a groove when I was was always just really effortful. In retrospect, this probably had a lot to do with the fact that my thyroid wasn't actually working the way it was supposed to, but whatever the reason yesterday I finally got to remember what it's like to just not care, not think, and just run. I felt so relaxed, smooth, and strong, and on top of all that I was actually running fast. So good, so good.

Total running miles: 35.9
Highest weekly mileage since the week of July 11. OH DEAR. It really doesn't get much rougher than the last 2 was really good to have some confidence inducing runs this week that give me hope that I will be able to pull things together and be in decent shape come January, when I have to start training for real.

In other news, I got my Boston confirmation the other day..eeeek! It is moderately terrifying to contemplate running another marathon BUT at the same time I am sooo excited.  I've genuinely missed the madness. And I have a bunch of friends/training partners in the Boston area who are running this year, which is going to make the winter of training that much better...not to mention all of my non-runner friends are already talking about the t-shirts they're going to make with my picture on it...bahaha.

Also...GORGEOUS FALL WEATHER. Need I say more?

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Anonymous said...

I feel like we are in the same boat Audrey! Last week was my highest milage week since July 12th (when I got my stress fracture) and I did about 35 miles too. Twinnies!