Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Goals Revisited

With 2010 drawing to a close I thought I would revisit my 2010 goals post that's been hanging out in the sidebar all far as accomplishing the things I set out to do running-wise this year, I surpassed pretty much all of my wildest expectations.  The only PR that didn't fall was my 5K track PR and no worries...I'm coming for you in 2011!  I learned what a cruel mistress the marathon can be, even with what seems like impeccable training, at Boston, and I learned the utter joy of having things come together perfectly at Baystate.

Time Goals:

A- PR [sub-19:54] FAIL (but just you wait...)
B - sub-21 DONE! 20:12 
*Providence Women's Classic, I had a great time at this race with my GBTC teammates even though it was 2 weeks before Baystate and I thought I was in no shape to run a 5K.  Turns out...I was!
C - road PR [sub-21:48] DONE! 21:17
*Mystic River Herring Run, which I ran when I was antsy after Boston...I think I was 4th overall female and I won a $50 gift card to an Italian restaurant.

A - PR [sub-46:30] DONE! 44:20
*Super Sunday 10K, only 10K I ran this year, and a big PR.  Very fun race on probably the coldest day of the year!

Half Marathon
A - sub-1:40 DONE! 1:38:34
B - PR [sub 1:42:25] DONE!
*Both accomplished at the same race, New Bedford HM, during which I really enjoyed myself, ran perhaps my most evenly paced to date, and heard 'Don't Stop Believin'' being played out of a body shop at mile 8.

A - sub-3:30 DONE! 3:22:10!!!!
B - sub-3:35 DONE
C - PR [sub 3:39:15] DONE
*All accomplished at the same race - Baystate Marathon 2010, a day which I will never, ever, ever forget.

Other Goals:
Race at least 2 new distances DONE - 12K, 25K, bonus 30K!
*I actually had a really fun time racing a bunch of new distances, especially the longer 25K and 30K that fall somewhere between the HM and marathon.  Especially when they're 2 exceptionally hilly races, and run in the same week. Heh. :)

Race at least once in XC DONE - USATF-NEs [3 weeks post marathon, haaah]
*Pretty confident the only reason I ran this race was to cross this goal off the list.  It was absolutely awful but that's why I set the goal as "just race" for this one, right?

Do abs/strength/yoga at least 3x per week FAIL
*This was a pretty epic fail.  I was doing pretty well with yoga ~ once a week through the winter, and got back into it a little this fall, but strength training? abs? mostly nowhere to be found.  This is something I really want to do better on in 2011!

Fuel better DONE-ish
*I'm giving myself this one because I feel that in general I've eaten quite a bit healthier this year than last - more "real" food as opposed to the college staple of Pastaroni, some fun cooking endeavors with the BF, and many less late night drunk food runs. Still a work in progress but I'm getting better.  I also nailed down my marathon fueling strategy, which is certainly a plus!

All in all, 2010 was pretty incredible, running wise.  I ran the Boston Marathon, PRed by 17 minutes at Baystate, set PRs or road PRs in every road race I ran except Boston, and ran 2 5K's, a 6K, a 10K, a 12K, a half marathon, a 25K, a 30K, and 2 marathons.  Pretty fun assortment of distances and I'm pretty proud of them all.

So what's up for 2011? Well...that will have to wait for a future post :)  I only have so much to write, ya know.  Happy NYE!


Anonymous said...

Awesome year! I have enjoyed stalking and hope to read more of your fun race reports and reflections. Baystate sounds like it was an absolutely fantastic experience.

J said...

You have had a great year! Hope 2011 is even better! Happy New year!

lindsay said...

looks like a successful 2010 to me! i pretty much make my goal lists knowing there are a couple i won't make... haha.

Alex said...

*fist bump*