Tuesday, September 18, 2007

need for speed

2 mile warmup
6 x 400 @ 83-88 w/400 m jog recovery
7 x 200 @ 36-40 w/200 m jog recovery
2 mile cooldown

first speed workout in quite awhile...and it felt great! i ran with the a group with claire, natasha, jade, and kelly, and i seriously felt good - last year at this time, this workout would have annihilated me, so to be running with the top group, and at a pace faster than what we were "supposed" to be running (96 for the 400s and 48 for the 200s) was pretty awesome. and then we jumped into the lake off the crew pier, and it was glorious. it was kind of hot today, so it felt soooooo good. and now my legs are pretty much dead - it didn't feel that bad while i was doing the workout, but i'm definitely feeling it now. oh well, easy recovery day tomorrow!

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