Thursday, March 27, 2008

an open letter to the women's rugby team

dear rugby players,
i have had the opportunity to see you every monday and wednesday for the past 4 months or so at the indoor track. i am sure rugby is a very difficult sport and i'm well aware of the fact that many of you could most likely destroy me if given the opportunity. however, while i'm sure being a rugby player makes you many things, there is one thing you are most definitely not: runners. don't get me wrong, i realize that the track is open to everyone, fast and slow. however, if you are going to run one lap at a slower pace than i'm running six, then i have one thing to say to you: get the HELL out of lane 1. see the sign on the wall? it says lanes 1 and 2: SPEEDwork. i know you think what you're doing is considered speedy because its short, but i hate to break it to you, a 55 second 200 in no way resembles speed. and if you must take over this lane because you are so entirely convinced that you are such incredibly fast athletes, i have some more news for you: don't jump in 5 seconds before a bunch of people who you KNOW are going to pass you are about to start their interval. frankly, having to weave around 9 of you as you whine about how much pain you're in really doesn't make a 1200 repetition any easier. and while witnessing your "trail of tears" hike around the outer lanes of the track, clutching your water bottles after your strenuous 400-200-100 ladder, is moderately entertaining, it just doesn't make up for the fact that you are a pain in the ass to deal with on the track. so in closing, either get faster, or get out of my way.
yours truly,
the wtc milers

[with the demise of, i'm most likely going to start my training blog/log up again...and i just felt that this rant would be a good way to start :)]

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