Friday, April 11, 2008

everytime it rains...

4/9 - workout: 3 x [2 x 200 @ 36-39 w/200 jog + 5 min tempo (1200 m) w/ 400 jog]
total mileage: 8.25
weird workout...the 200s felt great, but i was getting killed by jade on the first 2 tempo sections...then suddenly on the third one, something clicked and i ran under pace the entire time. i mean, lets ignore the fact that under 6:40 mile pace isn't tempo pace...but since it was only 5 minutes, i let it go. but the last one felt great. for the first time in like 2 weeks, my legs felt like they actually WANTED to keep going...amazing i know. also my highest mileage day in quite awhile. i think *fingers crossed* that i'm over the worst of this cold that has been driving me insane the past couple of weeks, so hopefully that will be what gets me over the hump into some better running.

4/10 - most disgusting day of weather ever...40, incredibly windy, and just pelting down rain...i thought about taking the day off but ended up running 4.25 on the treadmill instead. running on treadmills kind of makes me want to shoot myself, but you do what you have to do.

not sure how i feel about running a 10K at 6:30 am tomorrow morning when its supposed to be 35 and SNOWING....but hopefully i'll just run slow, feel accomplished that i dragged my ass out of bed on a saturday to go running, get my CHEESE (which apparently is the "prize"...only in wisconsin) and sweet shirt, and go right back to bed :P

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