Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"running is made for neurotics" - chariots of fire

yeah, my biochem professor used a chariots of fire quote today...and talked about carbo-loading...sweet life. based on that, you'd think that class would be interesting....unfortunately, i tuned in for the 5 minute discussion of running and that's about it. anyway, on to my running...

tuesday - 5.4 miles with nicole (willy st/jenifer st out and back) - 42:03 (7:47 pace)
it was sooo nice out...finally starting to feel springish. and we went to panera afterwards...fannntastic.
wednesday - 8 x 400 @ 79-82 with 1 minute rest...killlllller! but it was the first workout on the outdoor track of the season, and great weather for a workout. apparently this is our last hard week of the season...i feel like that's a bit premature, but then again the workouts that we're apparently doing the rest of the season don't appear to be particularly "easy". and the meet schedule this year is kind of strange...i feel like the fact that we're sponsoring this 100k is kind of messing things up. were we involved in this last year? apparently we're only doing 3 college meets...and i'm kind of sad about that.

anyway...the schedule for the rest of the season (for now):
4/6 - oshkosh invite
4/12 - mad city 100k (in which i will be running a 10k leg of a relay...slowly haha)
4/18 - lacrosse invite
4/26 - club home meet? i have no idea what this is all about....personally i'd rather go to a college meet, but whatever...
5/4 - mifflin! (this has nothing to do with running, i'm just pumped we don't have a race on mifflin this year...)
5/10 - twilight!

i'm a little scared to race saturday, having not hurdled since...umm...last may? and of course, the 1500 will hurt, so that's always terrifying. the indoor/outdoor break is always hard since you forget how much racing sucks and at the same time think its going to suck so much more than it actually is. i guess we'll see what happens!

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