Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pain is temporary, pride is forever...

Me: I shouldn't have done that workout knee was so messed up
Nicole: So why did you do it?
Me: I don't know...I had to...400s are so good for you!
Nicole: You make them sound like vegetables.
Me: They are like vegetables! Though vegetables don't make your hamstrings hurt...

So yeah. I'm somewhere on the border of injured, but I refuse to actually make the jump over the line into actually injured. After an awesome (well, as awesome as a hungover, HILLY long run could be) 10-miler in Elkhart Lake on Sunday, I was feeling perfectly fine until about 4 hours later, when the back of my knee kind of started to twinge a little bit. Being me, I ignored it, ran a 6-miler at 7:19 pace on Monday, felt nothing while running and nothing major when I wasn't, so I wasn't worried. Tuesday I woke up and things were a little worse...straightening my knee hurt, and walking was a little difficult...and then me, being a moron, decide I need to go on a suicide mission and do the scheduled workout for the day: 10 x 400s. Because, you know, SPEEDWORK is definitely the one thing that's going to help an injury...right? Well, last night I was in complete agony...I was to the point of tears because i couldn't even straighten my leg. Then today, I wake up and things feel almost normal. I still feel it twinge once in awhile, but for the most part it seems ok...nothing at all like last night. I happened to be at the Nat for a meeting earlier so I figured I'd put my tuition to good use and stop by at the UHS walk in sports med clinic. Basically here's what I learned:
1 - I may or may not have the beginnings of hamstring tendonitis. So basically, I'm going to pretend like that's my problem and do the stretching and exercises recommended to help it even though I'm not 100% on that diagnosis...I mean, it was a student after all.
2 - People are really, really impressed when you tell them you run 50 miles a week ;)

So that's that, and things had better keep improving because I don't have time to slack off right now. Nicole ran a 21:28 at the meet this weekend, officially putting her above me for the season and dangerously close to my best times in the past. I have to say, that struck a bit of fear into my heart. We're really good friends and all, but I'm competitive, and she's the one who keeps telling me "oh, I'm so not a distance runner". But maybe this will be the little bit of extra motivation I need to keep working hard at practice and maybe start putting the hammer down more in races - no more wimping out on myself!

Also, I just have to comment on how awesome the WTC is. Our boys are ranked 2nd in the nation for NIRCA, and just this week the girls moved into the rankings in 3rd! SO exciting!! Also, the guys definitely beat Wisconsin at the Loyola I know it was their B team, but can't deny that's pretty damn awesome.

School's lame, I think I already have senioritis. But I am so looking forward to this weekend! Ohio State night game should be amazing, and I am looking to find me some Dogtoberfest from Flying Dog Brewery, which I sampled this weekend in Elkhart Lake with Andrew and it may just be the best beer I've ever had. And the Brewers made the playoffs!! For the first time in 26 years (so...the first time since I've been a fan...or alive for that matter). Not that they're going to go that far (the loss today was pretty bad) but hey, they made it, and that definitely counts for something.

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