Monday, March 30, 2009


That's how many miles I've run in the month of March (I know this a day before the end of the month because tomorrow is my day off :)) This is my highest mileage I have ever run in a month in my entire life. The week that included the first of the month was 45.1 miles (I suppose it didn't hurt that the day of that week that fell into March was my long run day), followed by 2 back to back weeks of 49.6, a week of 48, and a week of 45, plus 9.4 miles to start off the week today. Compare this to March of last year, when I ran 23, 28.3, 22, 30.9. Annnd I wonder why I'm so much stronger this year. I know some people can run really well off a lot less mileage, but I don't think I'm one of them. Lots of quality mileage this month too, and with only one race the "easy" days were pretty limited. I'll have taken a total of 5 days off this month as well. Amazingly, I'm running as much, if not more, than I was during cross country season, which hopefully bodes well for the rest of outdoor season!

I'm really excited because I ordered new spikes today! Mizuno Kaze 2 flats for the 5K (which I have become in love with enough that I've decided its worth buying flats for...they were $25, so I don't feel too bad), and Asics Hyper LD spikes for steeple. I'm hoping the Asics will fit since its always hard to tell what you're going to get with men's sizes, but they're way cooler than the women's version and it even mentions the all-mesh upper being ideal for steeplechase. And I got both of these pairs for $18 less than it would have cost to buy the adidas steeple spikes...I'm OK with that.

I felt like I was dragging a bit during the workout tonight, although it didn't show much in my times. 2 miles easy, 2 miles @ "half marathon pace" (7:11, 7:08), 2 minutes easy, 2 miles "half marathon pace" (6:58, 6:55...this may have been excessive, my legs were dead by the end), 3 miles easy/cooldown. I am very happily looking forward to my day off tomorrow, especially since I have 2 fairly major exams on Thursday for which I have to memorize an absurd amount of biochemical reactions, so that's what most of my time is going to be devoted to tomorrow.

I really wasn't going anywhere with this, except to feel good about the fact that this is the first time I've ever run over 200 miles in a month. So, hooray me. :)

Next up: 5K at Oshkosh on Saturday. A year ago, if you'd told me I was going to be running the 5K ever on the track I'd have called you crazy; if you'd told me I'd run it once, LOVE it, and run it again, I would have laughed in your face. Look who's laughing now...

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