Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lesson learned

So here's something I learned today: it is NOT a good idea to try to go on a 14 mile run after hardly eating anything the day before and only eating yogurt and cereal for breakfast. You WILL feel like crap, your legs will want to fall off, and you will curse the day you became a runner.

However, you will also finish your 14 mile run.

So yes, I finally did what I've been planning to do for awhile now - I ran all the way around Lake Monona. It was quite a daunting task considering I was without my usual WTC long run crew thanks to spring break, but the 55 degree weather and sunshine and the fact that I completely failed at running yesterday beckoned me. By the time I got to Olbrich Park (~5 miles in), I was feeling very hungry. A few miles later, somewhere in Monona, I got lost and ended up adding on over a quarter mile to my distance. By the time I got back by the Alliant Energy Center, I pretty much thought my legs could not possibly continue. But I plodded was seriously deathly. I don't know how the hell I made it home. I did end up stopping a few times just to gather myself and try and convince my legs that yes, it was possible to continue running. Overall I ended up running 7:50 pace besides the stops, which I'm pretty happy with all things considered. And I ran around the lake!! It's funny because I saw a couple guys from the WTC at one point who were doing the same thing, and I saw a group of older guys on one side of the lake going the opposite direction, and then again on the other side. So apparently I am not the only one crazy enough to want to celebrate the gorgeous weather by running 14 big deal.

So another 50 mile week is in the books. I already can't remember what racing feels like, but with how well workouts have been going lately, I'm pretty excited to back off the mileage a little bit and get ready to RACE again. I just need to start working on some hurdles/steeple training...if only the athletic department will stop being assholes and just let us get on the track...but more about that some other time.

Annnnnd my legs hurt. Perhaps the delicious Capital Brewery Blonde Doppelbock in my fridge will help ease the pain. Combine that with the first grilled-out brat of the season and the fact that I ran 14 miles today, and you pretty much have the best day of spring break ever. Forget Mexico. :)

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