Monday, September 07, 2009

I'm here!

Things I already adore about Boston:
-Basically the city itself. It's BEAUTIFUL, so many old buildings, green space everywhere, cute neighborhoods, history, but still a big city feel...basically, everything I could ever want in a city. I love it!
-My apartment. I'm pretty sure that the BF and I have more space in this 1 bedroom than we did in any of our previous places. The living room is enormous, as is the kitchen, and I have an entire HUGE walk in closet all to myself, which has become essentially my haven for all of my running stuff, since I'm sure the BF wouldn't be thrilled with my race numbers and medals and other crap cluttering up the rest of what actually looks like a "grown-up" house.
-The fact that I can go on an easy 6-8 mile run and be downtown halfway through. Where have I ever lived where it's like "oh, I think I'll just go run downtown" like its no big deal? And there are runners EVERYWHERE. I can't wait to explore more running routes by the river/ocean.
-Oh, did I mention I live within running distance of the OCEAN?! Amazing.
-The subway/rail is so easy to get anywhere and everywhere.
-The fact that I can be running downtown and see tourists all over the place and realize that I am not a tourist, but I LIVE here!
-Etc, etc, etc.

So basically, Boston is awesome already. Minus the fact that looking at pictures from the first WTC XC meet gave me a little pang of nostalgia, I love everything about this place already. The 18+ hour drive straight here? Not so much. Staying up for 30+ hours straight, spending half of that time driving a 16 foot truck, and eating nothing but coffee and whatever fast food junk could be found at travel plazas off of the turnpikes of various states was not the most amazing experience of my life. You know you're doing something ridiculous when it's 4 in the morning and you're dancing in a bizzarre caffiene-induced haze [I kid you not, 24 oz coffee + 12 oz coffee + 20 oz coffee + 2 Mountain Dews + caramel frappuchino = I'm not liable for anything I do] to Miley Cyrus somewhere on the Ohio turnpike, laughing at road names such as "Fangboner Road". Yes, it's a real road - look it up - apparently it's in Tremont, OH. Definitely a highlight of the trip, along with the giant semi truck that simply said JESUS in huge red letters on the side. Yeah...I really hope that's the last cross country drive I take for quite awhile.

The plus side of leaving at 6 pm on Friday was that I was able to get my run in on Friday, so I only was forced to take 2 days off this week and somehow managed to squeeze in just over 42 miles. Not a great showing of mileage, but all things considered, I'm pretty proud of myself. I got in 2 pretty strong workouts early in the week, and I had pretty much written off Thursday-Sunday, so the fact that I got in 3 runs during that time I'm pretty impressed with. Alas, that damn long run has been suffering. I need, need, NEED to get in at least 18 miles this weekend. Luckily, the one person I know here is doing 21 miles on Sunday, and while I'm not sure if I'm quite at that point yet (though I just might have to try, since, hello, marathon in like 6 weeks) it will at least motivate me to do my damn long run. By that point unpacking should be pretty much done, and if I've spent the next several days job hunting like a fiend I won't feel too bad about spending 3 hours of my Sunday running.

OK, well, I haven't done this in awhile since my internet the past few weeks have been questionable, but I'm FINALLY done living like a hobo so I can give the weekly rundown of my running!
Monday: off [planned]
Tuesday: Yasso 800s x 10 [total mileage: 10.2, average interval time 3:36]
Wednesday: 8.1 mile progression [7:26 avg] + 1.2 mile easy cooldown
Thursday: 7 miles easy [7:39 pace]
Friday: 7.25 miles easy [7:39 pace] - actually didn't realize until now that my pace was the same both days, sweet!
Saturday: off [spent the entire day driving, unpacking, and then passing the hell out after being awake for 36 hours. If that doesn't deserve a day off idk what does :)]
Sunday: 8.5 miles easy [7:30 pace] - I honestly was so enthralled by running through the city that I completely forgot what I was doing
Total miles: 42.2
Days off: 2

And also...August rundown! Not quite as good as July, but considering the circumstances I'm pretty impressed that my overall monthly mileage didn't drop that much.
Total miles: 181.3
Days off: 9 [I can only IMAGINE what my mileage totals would look like if I hadn't had to deal with moving/vacation and had been able to stick to my 6 days/week schedule...damn]

So onward to September! A new city, new running routes, and a month completely devoted to marathon training madness. Let's go!

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Julie said...

FANGBONER..... that was in Ohio on the way to Cedar Point. I have a picture of it