Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bullet points

Bullet 1: Super Sunday race picture(s).  This is the good one, taken from semi-afar and during my final kick.  This is the one where I actually look like I'm running, and finishing very strongly at that. And outkicking some boys....which I always enjoy doing :)

Then we have photo number 2....which is probably the most hideous picture I've ever seen taken of myself while running [or potentially ever in my life haha].  The one and ONLY reason I'm putting it up here is because if you look closely at my face, you can literally see my cheeks being smooshed back by the wind.  I don't actually have like...jowls lol.  I also pretty much look like I'm going to vomit up a lung and/or pass out on the spot...I guess that's how you know I was working hard? Seriously, who puts a camera at the 5.5 mile marker of a 10K anyway? Not cool.

 Bullet #2 [if you managed to get past the gross-ness of that picture, that is]
I'm starting to think that I might be selling myself short by just shooting for a 3:35 at Boston. Based on my performance at the 10K, the pacing I've been hitting in my hard workouts, and the fact that I seem to be practically incapable of running slower than an 8:05 pace even when I'm desperately trying to run recovery pace....I'm starting to think that hoping for 8:00/3:30 finish isn't completely ridiculous. I'm kind of scared to shoot my goals way over my head but having faith in my ability/training has always been kind of a problem for me.  Maybe Boston is the perfect place to make the leap of faith, say to hell with it, and just shoot for the time I really want.  If I crash and burn, well, so be it. But I'm starting to think that I'm a way better runner than I give myself credit for and maybe my goals should be more in line with what I want to do with what my underestimating self thinks I can do - or rather, what I think I'll probably be able to do so I don't have to worry about failing.  What is that? Yes, it's important to keep my goals realistic, but sometimes you have to go out off the ledge juuuust a little bit to find out what you actually can do.  And since this time around I'm actually doing, you know, those little things like speed workouts and actually having a plan and not doing almost all of my major long runs in the 5 weeks leading up to the marathon...I don't think it's completely crazy to want more from myself.  

The thing is, I had SUCH a good race at Baystate.  I finished feeling so strong, so awesome, no major crashing and burning in the final miles, negative splits, the works.  I executed perfectly - and on that day, it was perfect.  But now there's a little voice in the back of my head saying "yeah, you finished strong...but that means there was more in you.  You could go faster".  The other [rational] part of my mind is scared of the edge, scared of what will happen if I try to go faster.  Redline city, do I really want to go there for any part of 26.2 miles? If I really want to see what I'm made of, I think the answer might be yes.

On marathon training note, I'm doing a 10 miler on the Newton Hills section of the course tomorrow...wheee!!

Bullet Point #3: I'm completely and totally obsessed with this song and felt the need to share, since I'm pretty sure this guy is relatively unknown [although the music video is SUPER cool and looks like something that's probably made it's way around the internet, so maybe you have]

Happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous said...

happy friday to you too. i think you will definitely rock at boston! regarding your goal, maybe have 3 goals? A = sub-3:35 B = 3:35 C = ? that way you can shoot for the A goal but still have solid goals for if conditions aren't ideal

Lacey said...

way to outkick those boys!!!!!!! you look like a real runner :) :)

i agree with karyn on the ABC goals :) they are all successes! you are def pacing very strongly for a great marathon finish.

hooray for hills.. :)

and thanks for posting that video! hadn't heard of him and looooved watching it!

lindsay said...

i feel you! i am very very intimidated by some of my goals/thoughts/wishes to go faster! 26.2 is daunting when i think about trying to pr. i don't think i am having the same successes in everyday paces as you though.

i def think you should set a/b/c type goals. where "b" or "c" is your current goal (335) and "a" is a realistic stretch?