Monday, February 22, 2010

A trip down memory lane...hurdle week!

OK, NOW I remember what else I was going to post.  That last post was kind of long anyway, so I guess I'm cool with making a second one haha.  I got a package from my mom today that included some exciting stuff like fruit snacks and a can opener and butter knives [lol don't judge, we only have 2 of them haha].  But it also included my track notebook from high's a record of literally, every single race I ran in high school track, complete with what heat/lane I was in, times, and comments about the race.  It's totally awesome and I'm so glad I have it since that was obviously before the times of this blog, and many of the results I have written down can't be found online or anything since they were from random JV duals or whatever.  I love looking back on my early track/running memories especially now, in the midst of marathon training, and seeing just how far I've come. So it's a really fun thing to have and I thought this blog might be an entertaining place to share some memories of the days when I was a SPRINTER...haha. :)  So I think I'm going to make this week "hurdles week" and post some choice selections from each year every day this week.  It will give me something to actually post, so maybe next Monday you won't have to spend hours reading the details of every workout I did last week.  These are all copied exactly as they're written by my high school self...not sure why I felt the need to remember what heat/lane I was in for each and every race, but it's kind of a fun memory I guess. :)

Freshman year, I really wasn't very good at hurdles.  But I was kind of the "future", since the other 2 main hurdlers were a senior and a junior at the time.  My coach believed in me and raced me a lot...I tried really hard and as you can see in these entries, was obviously quite serious about being a good hurdler...but my times kind of say otherwise. :)  I spent a lot of time ogling the cute junior/senior boys, feeling cool about running varsity on occasion, and attempting to beat a girl named Olivia...I'm pretty sure she's mentioned in like 75% of my race write-ups haha.

Tosa East Coed Quad @ Hart Park - April 19, 2002 (JV) [my first outdoor race ever]
-100 m highs
Heat 1, Lane 2
1st in heat - time 19.7
-300 m lows
Heat 2, Lane 6
2nd in heat - time 59 even
Notes: I BEAT OLIVIA IN LOWS, WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY? [Olivia was a year older than me.  We were also on poms together and she was never particularly nice to she became my epic hurdles rival my freshman year.] It was very, very COLD! Ms. Braidigan there! [Ms Braidigan was my bitchy gym teacher. She coached track at our cross town rival HS, and constantly talked about what a better school it was...thus, we hated her]

JV Coed Triangular @ T-Dub - April 25, 2002
100 m highs
Lane 3
Time - 18.9 <---PR!
4th overall
-300 lows
Lane 2
Time - 60 even
3rd overall
T-Dub finished: 2nd to Milwaukee Lutheran
Teams we beat: Thomas More
Notes: I REALLY didn't like this meet, it was windy/COLD, Olivia only beat me by .1 in the highs again, tho I thought I ran a horrible race I made PR!

Conference Relays @ Greendale - April 30, 2002 (varsity)
-900 lows relay
Heat 1, Lane 2
Team: me, Ashley, Laura
My time: 57 flat <--PR baby!!!
3rd in heat (me)
Notes: wow...I was so PUMPED @ this meet!! I was so excited to run in this BIG meet - I ran great and there were PINK cones on the track! and they first announced that we got 6th, but the corrected it because we got 2nd! Now that'll teach em to put T-DUB in the slow heat!
[T-DUB was our nickname for our school...Tosa West.  The only reason I was running in this meet because the aforementioned Olivia flat out refused to run 300 hurdles any more after I beat her...I was by no means good, especially not at 300s, and if we'd had a 3rd decent runner besides me, the team probably would have won the relay...still, I was really proud of my PR and as you can tell was pretty excited to be running varsity]


 Brookfield Central JV Invite - May 9, 2002
-100 high prelims
Heat 1, Lane 4
Time: 19.5, 1st in heat
QUALIFIED FOR FINALS [as a freshman, making finals, even in a JV meet, was a reaaaally big deal]
-100 high finals
Lane 6
Time: 19.8
8th in heat
-300 lows
Heat 2, Lane 4
Time: 61
? in heat
Notes: AHH! we got there 15 min before the 100s - NO time to warm up, still 4 stepped the whole race - finals could have been 4th but 10 STEPPED (???) the 1st hurdle tho I still 4 stepped all the rest.  I was so in pain - 300s really sucked! [normally I took 8 steps to the first hurdle...I think haha]

JV Conference - May 16, 2002 @ Greenfield
-100 highs
Heat 2, Lane 3
3rd in heat
Time: 18.7 <--PR!
-300 lows
Heat 2, Lane 7
6th in heat
Time: 58.9
Notes: FREEZING FREEZING FREEZING!! great time in the 100s although I was soooo sore - 300s started off too fast, not to mention had to PEE! lol [having to pee before/during races seems to be an ongoing problem in my life haha]

Stay tuned for sophomore year! Hehe =)


Anonymous said...

i was a sprinter (and a pretty decent one too) in high school. i don't think i EVER would have pictured myself doing long stuff. well i did end up switching to the mile junior year but marathon? those ppl were crazy

as are hurdlers ;) i would fall flat on my face. guaranteed.

オテモヤン said...
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lindsay said...

funnnn memories :) i love the 'notes' especially. lol. hs drama at it's finest. haha. i am glad you kept these though - for yourself of course, it's just fun to look back at where we've come from!