Friday, November 12, 2010

No regrets, just love

First of all....

Obsessed actually doesn't even begin to describe my love for this song.  I've probably listened to it like 30 times since I downloaded it on Wednesday.  And sometimes I watch the video, purely because the lead singer is pretty darn attractive [no offense to my dear boyfriend of 3 years :)]

So I've been sort of acting like a real runner again this week.  I'll probably hit like 45 miles for the week, so back on the upswing, and usually in the off season I like hanging out around 50, so this is a good trend.  I also am going to hit 2000 miles for the year at some point during my run today! I ran 1856 miles total in 2009, and definitely less in the years prior to that, so hitting 2000 in mid-November is pretty sweet.  Of course, training for 2 marathons over the course of 2010 will help with that, but I think I'm figuring out that higher-mileage (50s-60s...which I realize isn't very high for some of you, but I pretty much max out in the high 60s) training seems to help me with races all over the spectrum, so that's what I'm going to stick with.

Also, apparently my MO in the indoor season is going to be the 800/mile.  This is both terrifying and amusing to me at the same time. I haven't raced a mile since junior year of college (my still standing PR of 5:44) and for the 800 it's been even longer - my PR was in outdoor sophomore year (in a meet where I also raced the 400 hurdles, 100 hurdles, and 4 x 400. Clearly my priorities have shifted since) But really, I haven't run FAST in over 3 years. After marathon training for the past year, I'm not sure I remember how. I'm sure it will come back to some extent, but my PRs aren't all that great and I'm a little worried about getting smoked by everyone at these track meets since my PRs aren't exactly anything to write home about...but there's also the chance that 3 years of running and training have made me *gasp* faster!  At least I hope so.

Alright, well, my clinical is over so I actually have today off, and thus far I have done nothing of value (unless you consider eating a popsicle and watching "A Knight's Tale" valuable....) so it is time to be productive.  Hooray! Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

WOW, an 800/mile sounds darn scary to my perilously neglected fast-twitch muscles right about now... I bet it will be a blast to train for and compete in some of those (comparatively) shorty-short distances. Funny how perspective on racing distances and strategies can be warped by the marathon thing...!