Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Watermelon Beer Reviews

First things first...I was out the door and running at 5:41 am this morning....you may give me a standing ovation now. This probably explains why I'm drinking my second iced coffee of the day as we speak.  But this isn't about my awesome morning running skills, this is about beer.  Yes, beer.  I've decided that since I spend way too long not blogging because all I'm doing are lamesauce easy runs, that I need to find some other things to write about once in awhile.  One of these things might be PT related stuff.  The other is craft beer.  I'm well beyond the "OMG COLLEGGGGGE" drinking stage, but damn, do I enjoy a good craft beer. So today's topic: watermelon beer!

Watermelon beer is somewhat new to me, as I'm usually more of a stout/imperial IPA kind of girl...but in the summer, it's pretty hard to find one that's more refreshing.  Here are 3 different watermelon beers, each very different, that I've tried and would like to share with you!

#1 - 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat
This is, hands down, my favorite of the 3. Pretty much it is the most refreshing beer I have ever tasted.  It's pretty amazing because it tastes like watermelon, but it isn't really sweet (kind of like...a real watermelon!).  The flavor is much subtler and it's really light and refreshing.  And it comes in a CAN!  Need a beer for a picnic, the beach, a backyard game of frisbee? This is about as good as it gets.  Also, I drank this beer while cheering both the Bruins and Packers to national championships this year, so I think we will call it the official beer of my sports teams winning things.

#2 White River Watermelon Wheat
This is from a tiny brewery in Amesbury, MA, and I was able to try it at the American Craft Beer Festival, although I'm not sure if you can find it outside the Amesbury area.  From what I remember it was was similar to Hell or High Watermelon, with a lighter watermelon flavor. Very refreshing.  Also, they served it with a little chunk of watermelon in it at the festival...a nice touch. :)

#3 Thomas Hooker Watermelon Ale
This one is completely different.  And honestly, I'm not 100% sold.  Andrew deemed it 'surprisingly ale-like' for a watermelon beer, but for me it was like being punched in the face with a watermelon Jolly Rancher.  The taste was a little too fake-watermeloney for me, but considering that Andrew hates sweet beers and enjoyed this one, maybe everyone tastes it differently.  Worth a shot if you're looking for a little sweeter watermelon beer, I can still imagine this one being good at a cookout.

Well that was fun!  I'm off to yoga because my hamstrings are angry at me for not going last week.  Hopefully a good yoga session will fix me right up :)


Anonymous said...

yum. like way yum. i think i'd enjoy this a lot. very summery!

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Lacey Nicole said...

i had a watermelon sangria i thought was going to rock my socks off, but it was too weird tasting!! i guess i love watermelon as it is and i'll keep it separate from my sangria :) woot woot for early mornings!!!