Wednesday, June 27, 2007

return of the running [b]log

so obviously my idea kind of fizzled out last summer, but i'm back to give it another try. especially since i have been/will be running a LOT more miles this summer than last summer, mainly for two reasons: i've pretty much converted to a distance runner, and i'm training for a half marathon at the end of the summer! i'll be roadtripping down to chicago with a couple of guys from my club to race in the chicago distance classic half marathon. when i first came up with the idea to do a half marathon [over winter break i think it was?] i wanted to run just to finish, but my newfound distance runner mentality has changed my mind...i want to train to run well! other races on the schedule for the summer are the firecracker four in hales corners, alex devinny memorial 4k in kenosha, and the capitol mile in madison.

i have a running log that my dad got me for christmas, and i've really enjoyed keeping track of my mileage and workouts, but there's really not enough room to get into specifics about runs, so that's basically what the point of this is.

so today: 4.5 miles with my high school girls. right now it is 87 degrees, feels like 93 according to, and it is HUMID, making what would normally be a pretty easy run a death march basically. its finally supposed to cool off tomorrow and i can't wait...not to say that i don't like summer weather, but when you're trying to train i'd definitely rather it be cooler. i also have an absolutely horrendous blister on my arch from my new shoes...i guess that's what i get for breaking in a new pair of shoes by going for an 11.2 mile run in them...whoops. other than that they feel great, but i think i need to wait for this damn thing to heal before i wear them hurts pretty much constantly when i run because there's always something rubbing on it. oh well....pain is temporary, pride is forever.

i might do another short workout before track camp later, maybe some 200s or 400s just to stride out a little bit, but we'll see. i think the one thing missing from my training at the moment is some longer speed work, so i think i'm going to try and get some mile repeats going tomorrow. later today i'm going to play some tennis with meghan, so if nothing else i'll get another workout in!

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