Saturday, June 24, 2006

long runnnn

went on the most glorious long run today. at least 6 miles, but i'm thinking more like 6 and a half based on the route we used to run in cc senior year. ran underwood parkway, was like 6 feet away from a deer that crossed the road right in front of me. i loved the was like the cross country ld loop but with a few changes. its just the perfect blend of stuff...most of the beginning is in parkway/woods, and its really quiet and you can really get into your own pace, and then your come out onto the roads and get even more energy. there are 3 big hills in it too, so that's always a challenge. i found this little radio that goes in your was fabulous. maybe it was the fact that screwing around with it made me think less about the pain of running, but whatever it was, it was great. i felt so good and smooth the whole time...i'm thrilled.

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