Monday, June 05, 2006

3-step revelation

june 2 - hurdle workout, pretty decent i'd say
june 3 - hurdle workout again

june 5 - did a whole random assortment of stuff, ran a 1200 with a couple hurdles to try and practice for steeplechase [which is just going to make me look like a fool], tried to figure out my triple jump steps since i want to work on that again for next year, and then just decided to hurdle, where i found out something extremely interesting. and weird. i can 3-step with my opposite leg. yeeeah. so i'm definitely going to pursue this, because this whole year dan has been saying how my form is actually better on my opposite leg. and when i 3-step, i don't bound, because its like i'm just thinking about running and getting over the hurdle and not about 3-stepping. i did a couple 400 starts to the first and second hurdle which went well, my steps are pretty consistent and all. i've got to do some conditioning soon, i'm just being a bit of these days i'll bust out the 200-300-400-500-400-300-200 ladder and really get down to business. it's harder to push myself when i'm not practicing with the team. i just have to keep thinking about these summer meets and how they're an opportunity to get my times down.

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