Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"I've made a terrible mistake..."

A la Arrested Development, I may have indeed made a terrible mistake. I'm officially signed up for the mile on Saturday...oh yeah, and I'm also signed up for the 3K.
Oh my god.

The thought struck me randomly when I was walking home from class the other day - hmm, maybe I should run the 3K, it would be good training for steeplechase, and since I'm not really in shape to run fast, I don't want to run the 800 - but I still wasn't exactly ready to jump in and sign up for it until Sunday night, when one of my roommates decided that he NEEDED the BF and I to play beer pong with him. 1 game turned into 4, and suddenly I was at my computer sealing my fate and signing up for the 3K.

Why do I do this to myself? I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen with this...I seeded myself at 12:30 which I think is like 6:40 pace...that really doesn't sound too bad, but seriously, who the hell knows. 15 laps on an indoor track? AFTER running a mile? What the hell was I thinking? Oy. So, needless to say, its going to be very interesting. At least Brittany is running it too, so we can suffer together. There are quite a few really random teams racing at this meet, so hopefully that means there will be at least a few people slower than me? I have no idea. So that's the deal for this weekend. Running the 3K doesn't mean I'm going to hold back in the mile, since I'm probably going to be pretty cranky if I don't run sub 6 this weekend.

So yeah, I'm not especially happy with my race last weekend. It was OK I guess, but I feel like I could have done quite a bit better. Sunday was an 11 mile long run in 1 degree weather...we definitely all had ice beards at one point...but seriously, it was awesome. I actually really enjoy running in winter...I mean, it sucks getting out and the first 5 minutes or so are hell...but the fact that you see hardly anyone else the entire time you're out there, and everything is just so clear and cold...I don't know what it is, but something about it I just love. I mean, would I rather run in perfect fall weather? Obviously. But please, give me a crisp winter day over a humid summer one anytime.

Not much going on on the workout front. 2 mile tempo @ 7:10 with some 100 and 200 meter sprints on Monday, and a 30 minute tempo @ 7:25 (4.05 miles) today. The Shell was so ridiculous today...I spent half my time weaving around the 10 minute milers in lane 6 and dodging flailing arms and idiots standing in front of the weight machines, contemplating their next move. I'm all for people working out, but seriously, sometimes when I'm trying to do something and everyone is getting in my way, it gets really irritating.

Anyway, back to my 3rd hour of Top Chef of the evening, and possibly some biomechanics. It's Madison Restaurant Week, so I'm heading to Dayton Street Grille with the BF tomorrow night for what should be a fantastic 3 course meal of delights...for only $25! Now that's what I call a quality way for him to pay me for the cable bill. :)

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