Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"If a McDonald's quarter pounder with cheese were running a marathon..."

May I present the most horrible commercial ever:

When I saw this commercial during House on Monday, all I could do was just sit and stare in horror. They seriously put a McDonald's quarter pounder with cheese and running a marathon in the same sentence? Those two things don't even belong in the same dimension. I have nothing against the occasional McDonald's binge when I'm hungover or after a meet craving pure grease, but running a marathon? Really McDonald's? It supposedly would "show up without even training, because its 100% pure meat and real cheese, it can do this". Well I'd love if I could run the 3K in 10 flat because "I'm really awesome, I can do this", or go out and run a marathon right now for the same reason...but sadly, that isn't the case. As my friend Jade said: "If a quarter pounder were running a marathon, it would die of clogged arteries at mile 5".

Awesome workout Monday. Does working at 6:30 and skipping class just make me ready to kick ass by 5:30? I don't know. We did 10 x [1 min @ 5K pace (uhh...which was kind of more like...somewhere between mile and 3k pace...) and 1 min easy]...I ran with Claire the whole time and it ended up averaging out to 7 minute pace, even with the easy I just suck at doing workouts at their proper pace. If I feel good, I want to go fast, and why not? I'm training to run fast, aren't I? It would be different if I was killing myself to run whatever ridiculous pace I picked, but I think I just took a relatively easy workout and turned it into an awesome one. I don't know. Long ago my high school coach told me "If you raced the way you practice, you'd be our 4th or 5th runner on varsity" (In reality, I was about the 2nd-3rd runner on JV) And still, I think sometimes I tend to push it in practices. But whatever...a month of no racing will not be a bad thing. Time to train hard, get strong, and not feel bad about running 7 mile tempo runs on Thursdays just because its sunny and I'm feeling good. :)

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