Sunday, July 05, 2009

Oh happy day

Today was a wonderful day - for the first time in what feels like forever, I didn't feel like a complete slug while running. I could legs didn't feel like collapsing...I generally felt very relaxed and comfortable during what was supposed to be the 'easy' portion of my run, and it was just excellent. And the funny part is, I almost talked myself into skipping this run altogether.

My past 24 hours have been very interesting...I worked an overnight shift at work last night for the dog slumber party that my work hosts...yes, its what it sounds like. 6 dogs + me, in a room, all night. Glorious. I won't lie, the overnight shift is OK because all the dogs are tired and you really don't do anything...'working' consisted of watching Anchorman with a fat pug, a miniature schnauzer (who was completely adorable), a shibu inu, a shi tzu, a poochon (part poodle, part cavachon...the name makes me giggle), and some little mystery mutt. Yes, I have classy friends. :P Then sleeping on an air mattress with them. So while fun, and pretty minimal on the actual 'work' side of things, I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Dogs tend to bark in the middle of the nothing.

Oh, but it gets I got off at 6:15 am, went home, slept for like 3 hours...and had to go back to work. From 12:30-7. Ugh. I wasn't quite as happy to see the puppies this time around...I was tired, I was cranky, and all I could think about was my damn long run that I had to go on after work. I'm ashamed, but I got very, very, very close to talking myself out of it. I was just exhausted and I just didn't want to, but that little voice in the back of my mind was're going to feel soooo guilty if you don't. Well then I got home and the BF was like "hey, let's run!" So once I'd done an easy mile with him and was already in my running clothes, I figured I really didn't have a choice but to do this run. The plan was for an 8 mile run, easy but with the last 10 minutes moderate...a nice little long run/base workout. Well, it was great. I finally felt like a runner and not like a shuffling piece of crap. I really focused on staying relaxed and keeping my breathing in check, and I think finally I had hydrated/ate just enough that my stomach wasn't going nuts but I also wasn't hungry. The last 10 minutes of 'moderate' felt great - I lengthened out my stride and felt like I was definitely putting in more effort, but I also could have been going faster - but that was pretty much the point. It was good and I was happy...and needless to say, I'm glad I went on the stupid run. :)

So with that, I give you my HM Training Week 1 summary. I actually managed to run around the mileage I had planned, despite skipping a 5 miler on Wednesday since I was feeling sick. Didn't feel great on most runs up until today, but I'm definitely finally starting to just get back into the habit of 'unless its a scheduled day off, get out there and RUN!
Mon: Easy 4.6 miles (7:29 pace) + 4 x 10 sec hill sprints + 1 mile w/the BF (8:22)
Tues: off (planned)
Wed: Easy 5.2 miles (no watch)
Thurs: off (unplanned = fail)
Fri: Easy 7 miles (7:48 pace) (I didn't blog about this run but it was honestly one of the most disasterous runs I've been on in quite awhile. Horrible.)
Sat: Easy 8 miles (7:42 pace) (Was supposed to be 6...and then I got lost)
Sun: 8.35 miles w/ last 10 minutes moderate (7:39 pace) + 1 mile w/ the BF (8:10)
Total miles: 35.2
Days off: 2

My best week in awhile, that's for sure. It really sucks having to try to plan training around my random and constantly changing work schedule, but I'm trying to get better at it and make it work. I also think I'm finally starting to get used to the humidity which is key in my training being successful at all this summer. Things are only going to ramp up from here, so I'm especially glad that my long run went well this week because it gives me confidence that I do indeed have the fitness to be starting training at this level again.

Now I really want a smoothie. :)

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lindsay said...

it's tough to squeeze in runs around a changing schedule, but hopefully you can find some consistency somewhere in there for running!

i love dogs and all... but sending your pups for a doggie sleepover? kinda crazy ;) i bet you can't wait for another night of that! :)