Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you, MJ

Sometimes, I swear my iPod knows I'm running. 3 times in the last 2 weeks, I've been struggling through the last couple miles of an 8-9 miler, and suddenly, the sweet sweet sounds of Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, et al pop up singing "Ease On Down The Road" from The Wiz. [Disclaimer: I'm a giant musical nerd. I acted/sang/danced from 6th-12th grade and The Wiz happened to be one of the musicals that fell into my repitoire...don't worry, I was a tornado dancer/crow/winkie/emerald city person. I kicked ass. But yeah, that's why I own the soundtrack :)] Anyway, the first time it happened I thought it was funny because I totally forgot I had that song on there, but today I was really struggling, as I've been sick with a God-awful sinus infection for the last 2 days and have been able to do essentially nothing, so my nose/lungs/head weren't feeling that great on today's 8 mile excursion. And suddenly, I'm about a mile and a half from home, slogging up this stupid, neverending hill...when all of a sudden I hear...

Ease on down, ease on down the road
don't you carry nothing that might be a load
come on, ease on down, ease on down the road...

And I literally broke a smile in the middle of this endless hill, and looked straight ahead, and was like, yes, I will finish this run.

Cause there may be times
when you think you've lost your mind
and the steps you're takin'
leave you three four steps behind
but the road you're walking
[running?!] might be long sometimes
you just keep on steppin' and you'll be just fine

I'm a nerd. Don't judge. :P

8 miles - 7:26 pace [As it turns out, my favorite 8 mile route runs through an off-leash dog park..and I was wondering why there were random fences in my way! Good thing I work at a freaking dog daycare, and I don't feel threatened by 95% of dogs who come dashing up to me...and I also have to just hope that people with aggressive dogs don't bring them to an off-leash park...]

I've decided if I can run a 16 miler before I move out on August 13, then marathon here I come....and let's face it...since I told myself that's what I have to do to sign up for the marathon, it will probably happen like, next week. Who am I kidding here? The more ridiculous, the better...story of my life.


lindsay said...

haha i'm the same with lyrics like that... in any part of my life. i always feel like a dork so i'm glad i'm not alone!

i like your theory on to-marathon or not. go ahead and get that 16 miler done today ;)

Running 365 said...

I was at the very end of my long run the other day and completely run down when I hear...

"And if it never worked before
Try it just once more
That's what your heart if for

Whether it's big or small
If you have a passion at all
Just say, someday I will"

Jimmy Buffett's "Someday I Will"

And it made me think that someday I WILL complete that marathon! (Hopefully on October 18th! Since that's the one I'm signed up for and all.)