Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Fill In The Blank] Training, Week 1

I'll be honest, I don't know what I'm training FOR at this point.  I've been filing most of my running lately under "base for XC" but without a goal race for the fall I am floundering around a little bit. I had a really great week of training this past week that almost started looking more like a HM/marathon week, if you don't count the shorty of a long run.  I guess I'm just trying to remember what it feels like to say to myself "hey, you don't feel like running right now? TOO BAD, suck it up and get it done."  So far, it seems to be working, even though the high heat of summer is by far the most difficult time for me to motivate myself to get out there.  I seriously think I sweat more than anyone else I know - last night I went out for an easy run in what I would consider to be acceptable weather (79, dark) and I was still a disgusting mess by the time I finished.  But last week was a great week for getting the miles in - 47.3 miles, my highest in quite some time.

Monday - 6.25 easy.  Running on Monday is something I really need to get back into...lately I have been taking Monday off, and then being a slacker on the weekend because I want to do something fun, and so taking another day off.  But if I run on Monday...that's OK! Plus it sets a nice tone for the week.

Tuesday - GBTC workout, 2 x 4000m of 300 hard/100 easy. NOT an easy workout, especially since it was 90+ degrees and humid.  I'm proud of myself for going back to practice, but at the same time it was frustrating getting left in the dust on the warmup and doing most of the workout by myself.  My usual running partners are working Tuesday nights so it's kind of not so motivational to go to practice just to work out alone.  But I was satisfied with the effort, even though I was sick to my stomach for a couple of hours afterward. 9.25 miles total.

Wednesday - Double day! 2.75 miles in the AM, 5.25 in the PM, both very easy.  Doubling at least once a week is becoming a really nice part of my schedule - I like splitting up the day into shorter runs and of course tacking on the miles is nice. :)

Thursday - 7.6 tempo, felt great and was running ~7:05 pace for 5 miles, and then just died, haha. Good run though.

Friday - 10.6 long. Seriously, I went out for 4 miles and then I just could. not. stop! Did this one in the Kinvaras and just felt unstoppable.  I had "Edge of Glory" on repeat and the weather was nice...I think both of those things helped haha.

Saturday - OFF!

Sunday - 5.6 easy, wanted to do 8 to hit 50 for the week but it just wasn't in the cards.

All in all, I'm pretty darn happy with how this week went - it looks like a real person training week!  I'm headed to Wisconsin for a wedding + northwoods vacation for the next week and a half, so training most likely won't be quite as intense...but it also will likely be supplemented with mountain biking, hiking, swimming...etc.  So excited!

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J said...

I am in the same mode as you - training but with no real goal. I don't even know what fall looks like for my race schedule. I think its nice to take a break from hard training but I miss having a goal race. I kind of feel like I am in limbo land.