Wednesday, October 21, 1987

Why Run Like A Llama?

In my junior year of college, I went to a track meet with my club, the WTC. I had a pack of fruit snacks from the kids tv show "Go Diego Go", and on the front of the package there was a picture of Diego riding a llama. Since the show has something to do with teaching kids some basic words in Spanish, it also said "Corre! Run! Run Like A Llama!" and for some reason, my teammates and I thought that was pretty hilarious. It became kind of a running joke for us the rest of the season, and we would yell it at each other during races and stuff.

I originally started this blog after freshman year of college, and I think it's gone through several names [and long hiatuses] since then. But in my junior/senior year I decided I was going to make this more of a thing that I actually posted on regularly to ramble about my training and racing and other running related craziness. I wanted to pick a unique name, no "Born To Run" or "Running Down A Dream" or any of that...and for some reason, I thought of that crazy fruit snacks packet. And so, "Corre! Run! Run Like A Llama!" was born.