Saturday, June 24, 2006

long runnnn

went on the most glorious long run today. at least 6 miles, but i'm thinking more like 6 and a half based on the route we used to run in cc senior year. ran underwood parkway, was like 6 feet away from a deer that crossed the road right in front of me. i loved the was like the cross country ld loop but with a few changes. its just the perfect blend of stuff...most of the beginning is in parkway/woods, and its really quiet and you can really get into your own pace, and then your come out onto the roads and get even more energy. there are 3 big hills in it too, so that's always a challenge. i found this little radio that goes in your was fabulous. maybe it was the fact that screwing around with it made me think less about the pain of running, but whatever it was, it was great. i felt so good and smooth the whole time...i'm thrilled.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

first meet

so as it turns out, i'm pretty lazy when it comes to actually updating this thing. but i have run a lot since the last time. a bunch more hurdle workouts, my first ladder of the summer (200-300-400-300-200-100-100), a 4 x 300, 3 x 200, 2 x 100 workout, and the same day i did the ladder i also did a distance run, i was super motivated or something.

STS #1 results:
100hh: 18.33, sick, but it wasn't really my fault because i had to run in a lane with a master's guy on my right, so his hurdle was one up from mine, and there's really no way i can run a normal race when i have to deal with that in my way, so i'm not too worried about that. and i still beat the only girl who was anywhere close to my age, so whatever.
triple jump: 26'10.5'', one of my worst jumps ever haha, but i guess without having practiced and all and without knowing my steps, just making it in the pit was decent
spint medley: i ran the 400 leg and it went pretty actually was probably one of my best 400s ever [i didn't get splits.] i ran the relay with 2 guys and a girl from GMTC who are all hardcore was intimidating. also everyone else running the 400 leg was a guy, so that was a thrill. but it was a good race, it was fun.

next meet: 300lh!! i would love to pr in that race...i mean, i should with all this extra training and being used to running 400s and all. i think i'll probably run the open 200 just for the heck of it, and probably triple jump again too, or maybe even long if i feel like it.

and today i am planning on running 4 or 5 miles, we'll see how that goes.

Monday, June 05, 2006

3-step revelation

june 2 - hurdle workout, pretty decent i'd say
june 3 - hurdle workout again

june 5 - did a whole random assortment of stuff, ran a 1200 with a couple hurdles to try and practice for steeplechase [which is just going to make me look like a fool], tried to figure out my triple jump steps since i want to work on that again for next year, and then just decided to hurdle, where i found out something extremely interesting. and weird. i can 3-step with my opposite leg. yeeeah. so i'm definitely going to pursue this, because this whole year dan has been saying how my form is actually better on my opposite leg. and when i 3-step, i don't bound, because its like i'm just thinking about running and getting over the hurdle and not about 3-stepping. i did a couple 400 starts to the first and second hurdle which went well, my steps are pretty consistent and all. i've got to do some conditioning soon, i'm just being a bit of these days i'll bust out the 200-300-400-500-400-300-200 ladder and really get down to business. it's harder to push myself when i'm not practicing with the team. i just have to keep thinking about these summer meets and how they're an opportunity to get my times down.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

back on the trail

i've come to terms with the fact that i'm a huge running nerd, and for some reason putting this online is more entertaining than just writing it down, so here goes my summer training blog.

did 4 miles today pretty easy, on one of my favorite paths that i had forgotten about. i usually run the parkway towards the village, but i went in the other direction today. its one of those routes where you can just watch the ground rolling under your feet and forget what you're doing or where you're going and everything just seems simplified. overall a good run, especially since i haven't done distance in awhile.