Tuesday, January 07, 2014

On 2013, to 2014

2013 was a great, great year.

I ran 15 races, which is more than I raced in 2011 and 2012 combined, and the most races I've run in a year since college. I ran 2 track miles, 2 miles in a relay, a 2.5 mile trail race with Andrew, 6 5Ks, a 6K, a 10 mile, a 15K, a half marathon, and a marathon. I ran a race with my dog. I placed in my AG/overall women in 2 races. I raced in 25 degree weather with snow and 85 degrees with humidity. I set 2 PRs (15K and HM) and one technical PR (10M, as it was my first outing at the distance). I remembered that I still hate cross country. I was humbled by the marathon and shocked by a stellar performance in the half. I remembered that 5Ks are HARD and the track is a whole lot of fun.  I ran from Cambridge to Concord, not without a few mishaps along the way. I road tripped to Pennsylvania for an attempt at a last chance BQ.  I became great friends with my teammates and remembered that half the fun of running is the people you do it with.
Racing the mile at GBTC Invite in January, a chilly XC race with my running bestie in October, captured by a roving newspaper photog with another GBTC teammate before Lehigh Valley Marathon in September

Outside of running, I lived the dream as a semi-professional dancer throughout 2013. I joined a modern dance company, choreographed a solo for NACHMO, and began rehearsals for what would become the show of my life, Heartbeat. In March, and then again in November, I got to live out my dream dancing a lead role surrounded by the most talented people I've ever had the chance to work with. I got to take classes in Washington DC which challenged me to my limits and made me grow as a dancer. I performed on a small stage in Arlington, in a dance studio in Cambridge, on a catwalk in Harvard Square, and in a grassy field in Concord. I stayed up for 24 hours straight creating a piece. I returned to dancing en pointe after far too long away. And I realized that my life was not complete without this, my original passion.
On stage at the Oberon in Heartbeat in November (photo from Boston.com, EEK), hippy dippy dancing in a field with Intimations in June, flying for NACHMO in January

I spent wonderful times ranging from unremarkable to extraordinary with my love and my pup. I climbed a mountain in Vermont and sampled beers all along the east coast. I got to be in my city at the moment when Boston Strong became even more of a reality than it already was. I graduated with my doctorate and began my life in a profession I love, truly making a difference every day. I spent wondrous Saturday mornings (and some Saturday evenings too) with my Boston Badgers, who continue to bring the Wisconsin spirit to the East coast. I spent time with family and with friends new and old. And I loved every single minute of it.
With my love and my pup after the Doggy 5K in October, Badger ladies at the Baseball Tavern in January (technically 2014, but whatever), Wisconsin BUPT loves in our doctoral robes in May

When I thought of my "resolutions" for 2013, I thought of a few - cooking new recipes, reading new books, the usual. But the phrase that stuck with me as my true resolution was this: live with passion, intention, and joy. I certainly think I accomplished that in 2013. Now onward to 2014, to continue to be present, to continue to pursue my passions, and to find the joy in each and every day.