Hi there, I'm Audrey, I live in Boston, and I really, really, really like running. When I'm not running, I'm dancing or at my day job as a physical therapist, helping people with strokes and brain injuries regain their mobility. It's pretty amazing. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, and therefore adore beer, cheese, and all things related to the Badgers and Packers. I also am a contemporary/modern dancer and perform as much as I can around the Boston area - a group of friends and I started our own dance company in 2014, and have been having a blast creating and performing together ever since. I love dogs (especially my rescue mutt), reading, hiking (my husband and I are working on completing the 48 New Hampshire 4000 footers),  and getting excited over anything I can.

I also enjoy eating giant omlette, cheese, and potato creations.
One time I choreographed a piece about marathon training

I started this blog my sophomore year of college to attempt to document my training for my first half marathon. That didn't really go so well, but the idea stuck, and over the years it's become an enjoyable place for me to ramble about training, racing, and anything else that pops into my head. I post somewhat sporadically but when I do my posts are usually epic. Feel free to comment or find me on dailymile (RIP dailymile!) or twitter (@hurdlingham) for more everyday ramblings!

About the name:
Once upon a time, I was at a track meet, eating some Dora the Explorer fruit snacks. My friends and I could not stop giggling about the fact that the fruit snack packet showed Diego riding a llama, with the caption "Corre! Run! Run Like A Llama!" And so, when I first started this blog and was trying to think of a semi-creative name, that was the first thing that came to mind. I'm not sure if llamas are actually able to run fast, but they make me laugh...and really, my goal in running is to have as much fun as possible, so it seems to fit!
Embarassing fact about my pack rat tendencies...I'm pretty sure I still have this fruit snacks packet

As far as my writing name, "hurdlingham", well, that one dates all the way back to high school. As a high school freshman sprinter, I was practicing handoffs in the hallway with some friends one day. Being ridiculous 14 year olds, we decided that saying "stick" when we were ready to hand off was just not fun enough. So we decided to say "HAM" instead. Don't ask me why. And thus, Team Ham was born. Because I was the hurdler of the bunch, I was deemed Hurdling Ham, and since no one else on the internet has ever had such a ridiculous nickname, I've used it for my username ever since. It's ridiculous, and sometimes I think about changing it because it's been almost 14 years since that fateful day...but it makes me giggle so I keep it.