Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer is the worst.

Oh, look, it's my post of the month! Let's see, what's happened since I last checked in...

-Marathon training is a thing that's actually happening, shockingly. I have pretty much done all of my runs dutifully but without any actual desire to do them, and I think if it weren't for my friends dragging me along there's no way I would be remotely prepared for this marathon. The fact that it's been alternating between 90+ degrees, sunny, and 60% humidity and 80+ degrees, cloudy, and 90% humidity for the last 3 weeks really hasn't added any motivation to the pile. I hate summer running even when it's a relatively nice summer, and I really don't remember ever experiencing a summer that was this consistently awful. A look at the weather during my long runs thus far:
This may or may not have happened during one of my long runs. This was also my first experience running with a backpack, because I was going to trivia afterwards and figured I shouldn't completely drench everyone with my sweat. I am legitimately IN LOVE with this backpack, PS.

  • 6/9/13 - 14 miles, 85 and sunny
  • 6/16/13 - 12 miles (aborted 15), actually I don't think the weather was that bad, but I was hungover, so there were issues.
  • 6/24/13 - 16.4 miles, holy shit, it was 85 and humid at 8 am when I left, and climbed to 95 by the time I finished the run. Ran a route with no shade like a complete moron. Carried water, so at least didn't die.
  • 7/1/13 - 18.6 miles, 80 and 90% humidity
  • 7/6/13 - 13.1 miles (aborted 16), 90 and sunny and humid on a route with no water = no.
  • Which brings us to yesterday, when I experienced probably the worst long run of my life in again, 90% humidity and temps in the 80s. I don't know if it was because now I'm used to drinking like 60 oz of water while on the run or what, but I didn't do that yesterday and I legitimately wondered if I was going to pass out. Joy and I dragged each other along through the last 10 miles. I guess the upside to all of this is that I somehow actually HAVE been doing long runs very consistently despite some truly awful weather, so maybe I will make it through this marathon after all. 18.5 miles somehow achieved. Next weekend is 20 which I am not looking forward to at all. 
In other news, I came out of holiday-racing hibernation to do a 4th of July 5K, and it was pretty much the worst race I've ever run. Not to sound like a broken record, was 85, blazing sun, and 80% humidity. And my body really isn't very good at getting rid of heat. Also, the course started with a 3/4 mile long uphill, and there was not a lick of shade. There were men in front of me walking during the 3rd mile. And so I ran a 22:39 5K...which hilariously was good for 24th overall and 2nd overall woman (which got me the most hilarious announcements ever as I ran down the comes the second place woman, she knows she has it, she's just kicking it down the final stretch..I laughed). I got a ridiculous plaque, which I will never be able to live down. Why is it that the times when I actually run a good race in the 5K never seem to overlap with the times that I win things? Because running is dumb, that's why. And that's about all I've got for the moment. 
Did not die. Great success.