Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In which some stuff happened, and I'm a terrible marathon trainer

Stuff that's happened:
-I have done 2 20+ mile runs...and then basically just decided that long runs were for the birds, and haven't done one since. I am hoping to get a 22 in at some point this week. Did I mention my marathon is in 2 weeks? Yeah. That's happening...I guess. I've never been so apathetic about a race before in my life. I think this might go along over all with my sudden realization that running, as it turns out, is something I do for FUN, and I'm not going to be thrown off of a cliff if I don't run that well. This attitude has not been particularly beneficial for my training, but then again, neither has the hot/humid weather, the fact that I'm dancing as well as running, or the fact that my plantar fasciitis has been acting up.

-I have, however, done quite a few days of 10-12 miles, some with speedwork thrown in the middle for good measure, and I also went on a 17 day streak with no rest days. So there's that. I've been going to GBTC with remarkable consistency, even though we've been trekking out to a park to do XC work, which I basically hate. Clearly I am not the joyous XC runner that I was in college. I just don't like running on sand/gravel, OK??

-Some races happened!
Yankee Homecoming 10M -
The 10 miler was on a random Tuesday night, and also happened to be my first race at the distance. It did NOT go well...and by that I mean I ran a slower pace than my marathon PR. Woof. I hadn't been feeling well all day, and looking back I wouldn't be surprised if I was running with a low grade fever, because I can't remember my face/head ever feeling SO. HOT. in a race. Granted, it was relatively warm/humid out, but I just felt like I was burning up. Definitely just one of those days where everything feels bad from the start. I actually considered taking the 5K cutoff at mile 2.5...of course, I didn't, and so I just struggled on through the rest of the race.
I decided to wear sunglasses for this race, but I quickly realized that they were making my face feel even hotter than it already was. Here I am attempting to throw them at my sister, then realizing I was on the opposite side in the road. Approximately mile 3, and already hating life. 

To add insult to injury, I ended up spending the entire race about 100m behind my friend Joy...who had RUN A MARATHON 4 DAYS BEFORE. Ouch. Aside from just feeling like crap, I think the race itself was great, and definitely one I would do again. The crowd support was incredible - it's one of those delightful New England races where this race is a HUGE deal for the city and everyone comes out to support. The course, while hilly, was quite nice, with parts being run by the ocean, through the cute downtown area, and a nice long downhill through a state park.
Thank goodness it's about to be over. 

One good thing did come out of this, which was that as a team, we got 2nd, winning some money for our club! Hooray. Not that I was much of a contributor to that, but whatever, sometimes the important thing is just showing up!
I am literally soaking wet in this picture. Also I should probably get a GBTC sports bra. 

4 x 1600m Relay, aka will run for beer
This was the most low key, ridiculous thing I've ever done and it was awesome. We basically showed up, ran the relay, and then went off to drink. I think there was a total of one other women's team (although we DID set the meet record, so that's something). I actually pleasantly surprised myself by running a 6:13, which really didn't feel all that hard - I mean, it's hard running a hard mile, but I wouldn't say I was really killing myself racing it, which makes me think I maybe am in better shape than I realized. 
Our reward for our team victory was a case of beer. So basically, this was the best use of my time on a random Thursday night EVER. 10/10 would run again (although something tells me that now that the secret's out that you get beer if you win, there might be more competition next year!)

I'm also running a 6K XC race this that should be entertaining. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I GOT A JOB. So now I have to be a normal person and fit my training in around working 9-5. Might be an adjustment from my current lifestyle of being able to run literally whenever I want...but also will hopefully snap me out of some of my laziness that comes with just being able to run whenever I want. It's going to be an exciting fall!