Thursday, July 12, 2007

back at it

friday: 4.5 miles VERY easy with high schoolers
saturday-monday: off
tuesday: 2 miles easy in the morning with my middle schoolers, 5 miles afternoon in a torrential downpour
wednesday: 1.5 miles easy in the morning
1 mile warmup
3200 @ 14:47 (10K race pace...ish)
2 x 1600 @ 6:54, 6:59 (approx. 5K race pace)
2 x 800 @ 3:18, 3:16 (sub-5K race pace)
half mile cooldown

after 3 days completely off spent lounging by the pool, shopping my face off, and eating ridiculous amounts of incredible food in vegas, its been a little difficult getting back into the swing of training, but i think after today i'll be over the hump. tuesday i ran in a torrential downpour and was reminded of just how fantastic running in the rain seriously makes me feel so free. as the song says, "everytime it rains, i know its good to be alive"

today's workout almost killed me, i have no idea exactly why i felt so bad, but i was dragging like crazy. my legs just felt like bricks, and the second mile interval especially was just downright killer. i'm hoping that its just the residual effects of taking a pretty easy week followed by a few days completely off combined with the fact that it was a pretty damn hard workout to begin with. on the positive side of things though, whatever was driving my knee insane appears to have backed off. it was still bothering me while i was in vegas, but at the moment it seems to be completely fine...keeping my fingers crossed.

up for the rest of the week is mostly some easy running leading up to a 4K race that i'm doing in kenosha on saturday. sunday will definitely be a long run day, i'm hoping to make it 12. race day is only a month away, so its time to start turning up the heat.

oh, and as a disclaimer, i hardly remember writing the last post. but apparently, even when drunk, i feel compelled to make updates on my life as a runner. :P

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