Friday, July 20, 2007

doubles, humidity, and taking it easy

tuesday: 3 miles PM w/ middle schoolers
7.3 (approx. 7:45 pace) PM
i randomly stumbled across some pretty sweet trails through the woods that run on the other side of the river from the trails i usually run on along the parkway. running through the woods always makes me feel faster and the time goes by more quickly. once again i don't really have much of a grasp on the meaning of "easy" running, and with the humidity at about 75% this was pretty rough.

wednesday: AM workout with warp: hard/easy ladder going 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 for a total of about 5 miles (with warmup)
PM: 3.5 miles (lamplighter) with the track camp
the workout that j-lo gave me for the warp high schoolers was tough, even for me. but at the same time, it felt GOOD and is definitely the kind of thing i need to do to get my speed and endurance up at the same time. i feel like i definitely need to to something similar it a few more times this summer, especially as a cc base workout. i promised myself i wasn't going to do any more doubles since my legs have definitely been starting to feel it, but i just couldn't say no to getting paid to run again at track camp. so i did it. it was insanely humid again, so it wasn't exactly a breeze, but in the end i was glad.

thursday: 3 miles easy AM with middle schoolers
friday: 5 miles easy AM with warp
the nice thing about running with middle schoolers and slower high school runners the past couple of days is that it has FORCED me to run slow. like, 9 minute or above mile slow. which is actually really good, because my legs have seriously been feeling shot from all this two-a-day business, which i suppose comes with the territory of having to run with my campers in the morning and then wanting to do my own workout later. one thing is for sure: my mileage this week is going to be INSANE. i'm already at almost 35, and tomorrow i'm doing a 12 its looking pretty likely that i'm going to hit 50 miles this week. insanity.

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