Wednesday, July 04, 2007

firecracker four

hmm...what to say about this race. i didn't run quite as well as i had hoped/expected, but i think i'm still pretty happy with my performance. my time was 28:51 (although by my watch i was at 28:46), so not too far over my goal, and definitely at around my 5K PR pace. i actually guarantee that if this race had been a 5K i would have run a pr, which is thrilling! i would say my downfall was going out too fast....6:29....why would i do that for a race that's 4 miles? i mean, if i do that next week that's okay (when i'm only running 2.5 miles), but not in the longest race i've ever been in. i was frustrated because i kept getting passed, especially in the 3rd mile, which was where i slowed down a was pretty awful. it was basically all i could take just to keep going...that classic half to 3/4 point of a race where you basically just want to die. its funny how that translates to basically any race...3rd lap of the 800 indoors/back curve of the 400/back straight of the 800 outdoors/2nd mile of a 5k, etc. you can't escape the death portion of the race where the finish isn't even in sight yet, but that's really where the race is made or not. that's the part of the race i need to work on pushing through. i definitely picked it up the last mile though to stay under 29 minutes. so overall, a pretty tough race, but decent. it looped through just a lot of neighborhoods...tons of people sitting out on their lawns and turning their sprinklers on the streets which was nice since it was incredibly humid, luckily the sun didn't come out until after the race. and while i'm not overly thrilled that i didn't quite make my 7 minute mile goal, i definitely feel like that would be doable at a shorter distance [ahem....5K]. so overall, i would say today was a success.
10/33 women 18-24
23/206 women
162/632 overall

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