Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a semi-lazy week and cap mile race report

Monday: 6 miles on Underwood with WARP
250-200-150-100-100 [i was seriously sore for 4 days after this...its been a long time since i last sprinted]
Tuesday: 4 miles with WARP
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 5 miles tempo on underwood
2.5 easy to work PM
Friday: 8 miles to Jacobus and back
Saturday: off
Sunday: Capitol Mile!

the cap mile honestly went better than i even could have imagined. i wasn't even sure i was going to race, having gotten almost no sleep after a night out the night before. but i figured since i had been somewhat lazy the past week and my mileage wasn't that high anyway, that i might as well at least do a race. i volunteered basically the whole morning, and my race wasn't until 3:45. i did a bit of a warmup with claire but neither of us were exactly hardcore going into the race. we got to line up on the line with a former irish OLYMPIAN, which was pretty sweet. and i have to say, this was probably one of the better distance races i've run. i ran EVEN SPLITS...that never happens to me. but i went through the 400 in 90 sec, the 800 in 3:01, the 1200 in like 4:32, and then finished in 6:02...by FAR my fastest mile ever. and not to mention, i felt pretty damn good doing it! i know if i had kicked a little earlier i probably could have broken 6, but we'll save that for another day haha. i was like laughing around the half mile mark because dallas and nick were dancing around and screaming like "WTCCCCC WOOOOO!" haha. not to mention, i ended up 1st in my age group, and 3rd overall in the open women's race....and i won $50! (and i didn't even know there were cash prizes...haha) so overall, DEFINITELY glad i ended up racing. a fantastic day overall.

yesterday: 10.2 miles in the blazing heat, was not fun at all but hey, i didn't do a long run on sunday so i felt like i needed to. and its even hotter today, so i'm glad i don't need to run as far now. less thatn 2 weeks until the half marathon....eek!

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