Monday, September 08, 2008

energize and maximize!

the ironman is pretty much my favorite thing, ever. not only because watching people bust their asses all day somehow makes me want to do the same someday, but also because volunteering at it scored me a whole lot of sweet stuff. like 6 liters of gatorade endurance, 3 boxes of powerbars, a box of gels, several oranges, bananas, and a sleeve of gatorade cups. sweeeeet deal. and seriously, watching people run a marathon AFTER biking 112 miles and swimming 2 or whatever makes my 8 mile run seem completely lame.

i also hit my highest mileage week in quite awhile this week...46, and the best thing is i did it without even really trying that hard. i can see myself getting up over 50 by the time we're into the midst of the season, which is pretty sweet and makes me feel cool. unfortunately we haven't had too many new girls show up at practice yet. i guess in a way this is good because its always demoralizing when we have a bunch of amazing freshmen appear out of nowhere, but at the same time i'd really like our team to get bigger and to the point where we're more like the guys. oh well...maybe free pizza will lure some people in next week!

other than that, i've been my usual failing at life self. i managed to make an idiot of myself once again at saturday's game, and lost my camera in the process. (i'm holding out hope that maybe its still at the stadium but that's a pretty long shot). i did get a free brewers tshirt out of the day though, so i guess it wasn't a total loss...also i made some pretty phenomenal chocolate chip pancakes. thank you, dollar tree spatula.

me = failboat. oh live, you learn. and then you eat more than a single pancake before spending the morning guzzling beer.

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