Thursday, September 18, 2008


I hate Thursdays, because it means that I'm forced to do the workouts by myself in the morning because I technically have lab until 6:30, even though today lab got out at 4:30 but I'd already done the workout...oh well. The workout was Picnic Point intervals, which is actually a workout I've never really liked much because for some reason it always seems to take forever and just be generally more painful than other interval workouts. Today was really no exception, but something sweet did happen. I was trying to psych myself up for my first interval and mostly paying attention to this guy with these two gorgeous greyhounds, when all of a sudden this guy comes running easily by. I did a double take, and suddenly I was MATT TEGENKAMP...aka, Olympic finalist in the 5K. Annnd that was when I decided to start my interval. I ran behind him the entire interval, and I basically didn't think the whole time because all I could think was "omg, I'm running in the same place as an Olympian!" He turned around at the point and as I stood there gasping like an idiot after running a 5:05 1200, and he nodded and said "Nice job!". Annnnnd I've been validated as a runner. I pretty much stood in disbelief for my whole rest period, and then it was time to go again...blah.

The rest of the workout went well, I ran 5:00, 5:06, 4:58 for the last 3, which was miles better than the last time I did this workout. I was feeling pretty good about that...until I found out the fast group of WTC girls ran mostly 4:40s at the workout. SICK. We have a lot of fast freshmen, including some who were possibly going to be on the UW team, so I can't feel too bad about myself, but I can't help but miss my spot up in the top 2 or 3 of our team. I guess all I can do is trust my training and hope that I'll run well for me on Saturday...Parkside...eek! I'm shooting for sub 22...last year I ran 22:11 at this meet and I'm feeling more prepared this year...I think. Damn you,, for losing ALL of my workout info from last season! Boo. Its always nervewracking to race for the first time of the season, because you forget how much it sucks. But I'm still pumped and ready to go!

My legs were also dead today because we did Topping Hill on Tuesday...a 12.5 mile total workout, and 4 times up the biggest death hill I know starts out ok, and then you hit halfway and all of a sudden its like, whoa, KILL ME NOW. It's incredibly steep and not at all fun. My legs are still pretty sore from that, and I'm feeling a little beat left knee has been bugging me today, and my ankles aren't thrilled either. Then again, I've run 27 miles in 3 days of running this I'm not surprised! Easy 4 miles tomorrow, for sure, and hopefully I'll be able to remind myself that easy means EASY...not tempo or cut-down run. I'm an idiot sometimes.

The best part about this is that I've been working through lectures for my online class this entire time. Online classes win! Although I have plenty of other crap I should probably do tonight, too many of my classes involve too many damn writing assignments! And I suppose I probably shoudn't be spending my ENTIRE weekend at the meet/WTC camping trip...but hey, whatever! Back Sunday night, hopefully with an awesome race report from the Midwest Collegiate. God, how is it possible that this is my 3rd year at this meet? I feel to ice the knee...

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